Grantee Reporting

This information is intended for organizations currently funded by the Flora Family Foundation.  Grant reports are due one year from the award date unless otherwise specified in your award letter. Multi-year grants require annual reports. The worksheet may be used in submitting your reports to the Foundation.

Grant Reporting Worksheet *




Contact Person:



Grant Number:

Check the items included in this report:

____Interim Narrative Report   ____Final Narrative Report

____Interim Financial Report    ____Final Financial Report


Narrative Reports:

Please provide a brief description of your organization's accomplishments during the reporting period. Indicate the impact of Flora funding. Alert us to any major organizational changes. If a proposal was submitted prior to the grant, report on progress as measured by the evaluative criteria stated in the proposal.  Note where outcomes fell short of goals.  Limit to 1500 words.

Financial Reports:
Please provide an income/expense statement for the organization during the grant period. Please account specifically for the Foundation's funds. If the grant is a project grant, also include a project budget with actual expenditures.

Matching Requirements/Other Contingencies:
If your grant has matching requirements or other contingencies, please indicate how these have been met.

*It is helpful to us to receive your report electronically. Please submit to whenever possible.